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ah, baby halpert!

well it's been awhile since i wrote about a show. so i'm gonna write about last night's office ep cause i actually watched it while it was on and not days later when no one cares anymore. heh.

first let me start by saying no matter how much i love jim and pam i knew them getting together would drastically change the show. it always happens. so i'm happy to say i enjoyed this episode way more than i have enjoyed any episode in the last couple seasons. it was very funny and went back to the zany over the top antics that the office used to be about. i love how everyone was helping out at the office with pam and her "contraptions". and kevin's many meals a day. lol! i seriously thought going into it that we were going to be left hanging about it being a boy or girl. so finding that out so early was nice. michael walking in on the birth was great. pam nursing the wrong baby was totally predictable but disguistly hilarious anyway. 
it was nice seeing the old dwight again. wanting to have a baby with angela to get better sales. throwing swords and battle axes out of his car when he got pulled over. getting pulled over cause he had an old 70's police siren on his car. tearing apart jim & pam's kitchen! 
i do like erin and andy. they are so awkward with each other. 
stanley getting on the elevator when everyone is rushing to the hospital cause it's 5:00. 
i'm sure there are more funny moments i'm forgetting about. i shall go read other reviews and remember. and find out if everyone else enjoyed it as much as i did.