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grrr to the cw website.

oops, that cut should say a melrose place casting spoiler...

ugh. i have to figure out a way to watch melrose place! maybe my vcr will stop being a bitch! anyway, heather locklear is returning as amanda what's-her-face. i love heather locklear! and not just in melrose place. i like that melrose is bringing a lot of their old cast members back, it's what i was hoping for from 90210. but heather locklear!  love! ah, i was disapointed when they killed off you-know-who in the first ep. such great potential.

i've only seen the first ep. i planned on catching up online, but it's just not working for me! and it's very annoying. no vampire diaries, no 90210, hit and miss with one tree hill and gossip girl.