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P.S. (lj-cuts hate me part 2)

ok, since i couldn't write anything else on that last post without it wanting to be under a cut i shall continue in a new entry.

so far, next season, i'm only going to give the new melrose place and the vampire diaries a try. and glee. let me know if i'm possibly missing something great!

i still have to catch up one tree hill, ugly betty, desperate housewives and lost.

speaking of lost, does anyone else get a lost vibe from that missing air france plane? especially now that the pieces weren't for that plane! and what plane did they belong to? how freaking awful!

a comment about the exit of chad michael murray and hilary burton from oth. i don't think the show will survive without them. i'm not a leyton or peyton fan. so i don't care too much. but i know i'm going to miss the relationship that has grown between lucas and nathan. and i will be sooooo sad without the bff of hayley and lucas. i always wanted them together, but i do like haley and nate. so it's a touch conflict. but i love haley and lucas as bff. plus jamie is going to miss his uncle lucas. *sigh* damn budget cuts! again, i have not seen the last couple eps, so please don't spoil! i do wonder if they will get a proper send off though.

lj-cuts hate me

I'm trying very hard to catch up on tv shows. here's a bit on what i've seen. spoilers for those who are behind like me! 

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no, i'm not catholic, but i like to participate in lent. it's a fun challenge. what should i give up this year?

i'm thinking the net(aside from email cause my inbox is already out of control. and online banking, bill pay, etc for obvious reasons.) but i would miss you all dearly! and catching up on 46 days of flist would be a bitch! not to mention chatting about tv!

i thought about tv, but since i'm getting rid of cable for awhile anyway i must cherish it while i can.

i went kosher one year with a friend. it was challenging and fun.  could so something like that.

i have done soda, alcohol, etc a few times. and that's always been fun.

lent started today, so i need to decide something quickly. any ideas?

i have a meme to do, but don't know that i have time. i'll return with it asap! 

i want to go to sasquatch!

as usual, i want to go! but i probably won't. no one else ever wants to go and it's hella expensive. maybe i'll just go and hang out with rainn wilson. hehe. 

Music line-up includes Jane's Addiction (feat. all four original members), Kings of Leon, Nine Inch Nails, Ben Harper & Relentless7, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Erykah Badu, The Decemberists, Fleet Foxes, TV On The Radio, Animal Collective, Silversun Pickups, Bon Iver, Santigold, Of Montreal, Explosions In The Sky, Devotchka, Peter Bjorn & John, Gogol Bordello, M. Ward, The Avett Brothers, Doves, Calexico, Grizzly Bear, M83, Girl Talk, The Gaslight Anthem, The Walkmen, Chromeo (dj set), Deadmau5, Mugison, Sun Kil Moon, Airborne Toxic Event, Blitzen Trapper, Shearwater, BLK JKS, The Wrens, Tobacco, Monotonix, King Khan & The Shrines, St. Vincent, Passion Pit, John Vanderslice, Bishop Allen, Blind Pilot, AA Bondy, Black Moth Super Rainbow, The Knux, Ra Ra Riot, The Dodos, Beach House, Arthur & Yu, The Submarines, Owl City, Viva Voce, James Pants, Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band, The Builders & The Butchers, The Dutchess & The Duke, Natalie Portman's Shaved Head, Dent May & His Magnificent Ukelele, Fences, School of Seven Bells, Death Vessel, Horse Feathers, Hockey, Point Juncture, WA, The Pica Beats, Loch Lomond, Vince Mira & more to come.

Comedy line up includes Zach Galifiankas, Demetri Martin, Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job, Todd Barry, Jon Benjamin, God's Pottery, People's Republic of Komedy & more.


plasma donators?

does anyone donate plasma?  a lady i work with did it yesterday and she told me how much you can make a month. gotta say, it sounds pretty good to me! i've donated blood, but i always get this awful bruise on my forearm, so i haven't done it in awhile. so i'm wondering if anyone here has done it and can share some info with me?

as if!

angelina jolie was/is not the first person to wear a dress backward cause she thought it would look better. so don't even go there, e!

rachel bilson, anyone.

and probably someone even before that! 

lord help me, i don't actually hate the new taylor swift song. love song, or something.

happy birthday, dean winchester!

ok, as an early b-day present to me i have an icon request from friday night lights.
behind the cut cause of spoilers. ep 3.02Collapse )

i must live under a rock

so friday night lights returns tomorrow! omg! so excited! i was unaware of this. there was an article in the paper this morning and it made my day! but then i came to the crashing reality that i haven't finished season 2! eeek! i started watching it when it was airing. then the whole strike thing. i stopped watching tv at that point. some shows i caught up on. i couldn't bring myself to watch fnl cause i was scared it wasn't going to come back this season. then i bought the dvds and started watching them but never finished. then there was that whole direct tv fiasco thing. so i was even more scared. i started thinking if i watched them to prepare for the possibilty they would be on tv now i would jinx it and it would never return! so now i have to watch the majority of the season before it aires tomorrow! 

i hate that this wonderful, awesome, bestshowonearth! doesn't get the attention it deserves. even the article in the paper was singing it's praises. and of course mentioned the best, most realistic couple in the history of tv: coach and mrs. coach! 

i'll have to look at the dvds to find out how much i need to watch. but i'm sure there are a few eps!

new office tonight!!! speaking of that, i need to change my office desk calendar. heh. while i'm at i'll share the quote of the day: Ryan wants everything in our company to be about e-mails and IM's. But I think he is forgetting about the original instant message: letters attached to baskets of food. -Michael.

i started a new account to keep track of my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days(mission101_2009</lj> ). my user name is evrlngfoo</lj>  and i would totally appreciate any and all of you who friend me and support me. obviously i'm going to keep this journal for daily ramblings. but that lj will be used to track my goals for my list and just keep track of what i'm doing to make my life something i am actually happy with. plus it makes flisting the afore mentioned  community way easier! thanks you guys! you're awesome!