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so i have these movies...

a few years ago i was obsessed with buying movies! i don't know why, but i just bought way too many dvds. if i could find something i remotely like for $5 i was all over it. i also tried to replace all my vhs movies with dvd versions. i gave up when blue ray appeared as i don't want to have to restart the collection. again. sadly, i spent a lot of money on movies i don't watch enough of. or have never watched. still in the wrapper. oops. when i moved in the summer of 2009 i just put all the movies on my big dvd shelf and there was really no order. a couple weeks ago i decided it was time to organize them. i alphabetized them all and now i'm overwhelmed with what to watch when i decide to watch something. i came up with a plan. i'm going to watch them all, in alphabetical order. this also means i have to watch some of jason's movies i have for one reason or another, never seen. for instance, 300 is a movie or 2 down the row. we'll see how this goes...

last night i started my journey with 10 things i hate about you. i love this movie! i have seen it many, many times. it is one of the vhs to dvd movies i collected along the way. it was not still in the wrapper. watching it last night brought back so many memories! first off, heath ledger of course! i had forgotten about his awesome accent. so sexy! i love this movie for so many reasons, it's funny, it has an awesome soundrack and the dad is just entertaining. it's a fun movie to look back on the stars and think about where they are now. i always loved joseph gorden levett (sp) in 3rd rock from the sun, so it's fun to see him in movies now and see how far he's come since that little alien kid. julia stiles of course, probably the biggest star to come out of this movie aside from heath. i wanted her wardrobe after i first saw this movie. i did think larissa oleynik (sp) would have made it further in her career. sidenote, also like her in the baby sitter's club. and then there's gabrielle union. she's so young in this movie, but she's still so pretty today, like she hasn't aged. i too thought she'd have a bigger career by now, though she is well known.

of course i have a memory to go along with this movie. my friends and i were going to see it in the theater. i had to meet them there cause i was in college and i lived in a dorm across town from them. i could not find the theater! yes, i get lost, a lot, in a town i've lived in my entire life. when i did finally find the theater the guy wouldn't let me buy a ticket cause the movie had already started and i was too late. so i sat in my car and studied while i waited for my friends to get out. we went to a diner for dinner and they told me all about this great movie and this hot australian guy. i couldn't wait for it to come out on video so i could rent it.

though this story takes place in 1999 it cracks me up how far we've come in technology in the past 12 years. i had a cell phone at the time. it was big, you were charged by the minutes as you used them and i had it for emergencies. my friends both had pagers. but you couldn't exactly respond to a page right away. so i had no way to tell them why i wasn't in the theater or even find out how to get to the theater. also when the movie came out to rent it was vhs and it was 3 more years til i had a dvd player.