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random tv stuff...

i've been watching a lot of tv lately. mostly cause that's all i have to do with i wait for spring. hehe. here's some random stuff i've noticed. spoiler free.

last weekend i watched the first two seasons of greek. i love how this show constantly uses pop culture references. though i do wonder how well the target audience understands them. i mean, it's a show on abc family, but it's not exactly wholesome like full house, or syrupy sweet like secret life of the american teenager. one of my faves it the ferris bueller references in season 2. alan rusk from ferris plays the dean of the college. ashley discuses ferris bueller with him. he's also dating someone named sloane. beaver starts yelling "donna martin graduates" at a protest. cappie uses too many references to even list or remember. jen k refers to her roommate as 'lonelygirl15' when the actress who played jen k also played loneygirl15. when cappie and rebecca logan do a study together cappie is case # 8675309. casey and even watch and episode of fraiser and the girl who plays casey is kelsey grammer's daughters there's more...

*these may be considered spoilers if you're very anal about spoilers* speaking of beyond the target audience, one tree hill did an episode tribute to john hughes. there was an 80's dance, a forgotten birthday, drunk girl's hair cut off when it was caught, confessions in an autobody car, 'jake ryan' waiting and leaning on a car, they even used jamie to give a nod to home alone. basically, every storyline was related to a john huges movie. and i have to wonder how many people watching actually got it. i like to think that everyone in the world knows and understands the awesomeness that is john huges and his movies. i work with a girl who is 20 and aside from home alone she's never seen any of his movies. i think that is appalling. but i do wonder about younger generations and their lack of film knowledge.

one of the things i love about oth is that it's filmed in the same location as dawson's creek (wilmington, nc) so i love seeing the same sets. i look for them. one of my favorites spots is 'the ruins'. that's not really what it's name is, but it's some wildlife conservation area or something. it was used in dc 2 times that i can recall and i just finished an ep of oth where it was used for at least the 3rd time. in dc it was the place where pacey first had sex with tamara jacobs and the gang is hanging out on the steps near the water in the last ep of season 4 before dawson leaves for college. in oth it was first where andy's house/estate was. then it was the location of the big party after graduation. this latest time they dumped the ashes in the water near the aforementioned steps in the latest ep. though you're not supposed to realize these are actually all the same places.

i'm sure i have more random, trivial things to share, but i can't recall anything else at the moment.


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Mar. 11th, 2010 03:20 am (UTC)
I like Greek but I forget to watch it! Fortunately it gets repeated a lot so I do usually get to catch it. It's a fun show, I like how it is light but has good characterization.
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