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a little thought on mj and other stuff

i wrote this in an email and figured i may as well post it here since it's some of the stuff i have been thinking and discussing lately.  this comes from a comment a friend made about being a bit tired of hearing about michael jackson.

as for michael jackson, he's no different than elvis, the beatles, kurt cobain, etc. in his iconess. but he is the first icon who has died during this computer generation. when elvis died there was barely tv. when john lennon died there was barely computers let alone the internet. and when kurt cobain died there was mtv. so the mass media and media outlets plus all the internet social sites make  the coverage/discussion of mj's death all seem way bigger than it is. but really, he's getting all the same attention the rest of them did. i remember mtv's non-stop 24 hour coverage of kut cobain. i was disapointed in mtv's coverage of jackson. they may not actually play videos on mtv anymore, but that doesn't mean they couldn't have given him a well deserved tribute. just because the last half of mj's life wasn't as dynamic as the first, doesn't mean he shouldn't receive the recognition he deserves. i mean, he does have the #1 selling album of all time. ever. after all these years. it will never be beaten. why? because even if there were an artist as original as michael jackson (which is impossible at this point) because of illegal downloading that album would never be able to sell as many albums as "thriller". 

on an non -mj related topic, my bff jessica had her baby! so cute! his name is adam and he has a mohawk!